20 Jul 15

Five new apprentices set to start at EDF Energy’s Hunterston B power station

Hunterston B power station’s newest intake of EDF Energy apprentices have enjoyed an open evening with their families to find out more about the four-year scheme they will start in September.

The future apprentices and their parents heard about the world-class facilities and engineering training at Royal Navy Base HMS Sultan near Portsmouth, where they will be based for the first two years before returning to Hunterston B to complete their training on site.

This year five apprentices have been recruited for Hunterston B; Courtney McMillan from Stevenston (20), David Jackson from Saltcoats (17), Cameron Stewart from Ardrossan (17), Jack Kerr from West Kilbride (17) and Christie Fraser from Millport. (20)

Courtney MacMillan said: "This was my second time applying for the scheme with EDF Energy and after getting through to the interview stage last year, I was even more determined this year! I am really looking forward to experiencing living away from home and the independence that brings. I am also excited about the trips abroad to places like Budapest and Lyon where I’ve never been before.”

Colin Weir, Hunterston B station director said: "I always look forward to the welcome event for the apprentices. It is such an important part of their introduction to the award winning apprenticeship programme for their whole family – we get to meet their proud mums, dads, and grandparents who want to hear more about the journey the apprentices are about to embark on."

As well as getting paid throughout the training, at HMS Sultan the accommodation, food and a number of trips home are paid for by EDF Energy. The company is investing in training up young people to ensure there are enough highly skilled engineers for the future needs of the business.

Alongside the rigorous engineering training and qualifications, the apprentices will enjoy world-class sports and leisure facilities. The programme also includes trips abroad to European nuclear power stations and a huge variety of activities available to them, including skydiving or learning foreign languages.

Craig McGhie apprentice coordinator said: "The five latest recruits for the apprenticeship programme at Hunterston B really cut the mustard during their interviews and aptitude tests. There was fierce competition as always to get on to the training programme and of the 221 applicants 176 went through aptitude tests and 21 went forward for interview. The 5 are joining 28 other apprentices at Hunterston B to start what we hope will be a long and fruitful career at the power station."

The apprentices and their families will go down to visit HMS Sultan over the summer. Once there, they will get a tour of the base and will see where they will be living and training and get the opportunity to meet up with over 50 other EDF Energy apprentices from sites around the UK.

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Notes to editors

Pictured left to right are the new apprentices:

Courtney McMillan, David Jackson, Cameron Stewart, Jack Kerr and Christie Fraser.


EDF Energy in Scotland

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