20 May 21
Dungeness B

Fire walking Jenn does it again

Dungeness B Materials Technician Jenn Tibbenham has completed a fire walk for charity
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Hot stepping Jenn Tibbenham has once again raised vital cash for charity - this time with a fire walk.

The Dungeness B Materials Technician braved red hot coals on a cold May day last weekend to raise money for EDF corporate charity Prostate Cancer UK.

Jenn, who completed the walk while five months pregnant, said: "Before I did this I was confident I'd be able to go through with it. I had the belief that if I could give birth without swearing, I'd be able to walk across fire without any problems.  

"It was a very exhilarating experience and it was a very supportive and positive atmosphere, almost a village fun fayre. It was a challenge as I never had the desire to walk on fire but when a friend asks you to make a day out of it you doit. It was a great experience and one I laughed about later."

Determined Jenn has made a name for herself, and a significant amount of money for good causes, over the years by completing a number of amazing charity challenges. She's taken part in a 12 hour endurance lawnmower race around a frozen lake in Finland with her husband, Graham and a few years ago dazzled crowds at a summer fair in Lydd when she single-handedly pulled a fire engine 52 meters.   

"I keep carrying out these charity activities because it is great to bring people together and make memories," she said.

"Perhaps, I like the idea of performing something incredible to inspire others that they in turn can do the same. I also thanked my little 22-month-old son, Owen for being such a well behaved boy while mommy was doing crazy things. He definitely smiled at the word, 'crazy' afterwards."

So far Jenn's effort has raised more than £200. You can still contribute by visiting www.justgiving.com/fundraising/jenn-tibbenham-firewalk


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