5 Aug 13

Find out what life is like as an apprentice at EDF Energy - Case study: Neal Rodgers, Hunterston B power station

I finished school at the end of fifth year and really wanted to get into the world of work. I’d heard about the apprentice scheme at EDF Energy through word of mouth and decided to do some research into what it involved. After reading about others who had joined the scheme it seemed like a really good opportunity so I applied and was accepted in August 2009.

During my first two years at HMS Sultan in Portsmouth I learned a lot about the job and the company but I also made some great friends who I’m still in touch with today. I learned how to scuba dive and went sky diving to raise money for charity. There were also opportunities to visit other countries and I was able to travel to Hungary, Luxembourg and Spain.

Throughout the four years I’ve gained more confidence and knowledge. I’ve really been pushed out of my comfort zone and have even given several presentations. I was also named Apprentice of the Year for Hunterston B power station and this year I am up for the Scottish Apprentice of the Year award.

I really enjoyed my four years as an apprentice and am now working as a full time electrical maintenance technician at Hunterston B power station. I enjoy the job as it is different every day and I am working with everything from electrical switch gear to electrical motors.

I see my future with EDF Energy and am currently studying towards a degree in electrical engineering which I hope will allow me to further my career with the company.