5 Nov 14

Energy Month - EDF Energy powers pupil learning

This month, over 2,400 schools are set to take part in Energy Month, an initiative run by EDF Energy’s schools programme, The Pod. The free educational project is designed to inspire young people to explore the big energy questions in our world today with interactive games and mobile apps.

Specially created learning and teaching resources have been sent to participating schools across the UK and are also available at www.jointhepod.org. Young people in schools will be engaged through things like inspiring posters, presentations, movies and an energy board game. They will explore topics ranging from the history of power and its invention right through to how energy can be produced in a low carbon way.

Also included is a brand new Energy Month app, available to download for free from The Pod for both Android and iPhone. Each day, the app has new energy facts to spark the imaginations of students, parents and teachers.
Robyn Thorn, EDF Energy’s Education Programme Manager said: “Having so many schools involved with Energy Month is fantastic. We’ve extended our educational energy resources further this year so young people can learn more about the big energy issues that face us all. We also hope that we can help inspire the next generation to be more energy aware.”

Students can be appointed as ‘Energy Champions’, and will encourage their peers to get involved in the project, as well as taking responsibility for energy saving actions around the school. Energy Month also asks older pupils to engage in debates on a range of issues, such as the such as the benefits and drawbacks of each energy source, from coal and gas through to nuclear, wind and solar.

All of The Pod’s resources, including Energy Month, are linked to the national curriculum and are accredited by Eco-Schools England. The Pod also works with partners such as the Met Office and the British Science Association to help develop its resources.

To sign up to Energy Month and for more information about EDF Energy’s The Pod, visit www.jointhepod.org.