19 Sep 13

An energetic start to the school year for Ashford pupils

The pupils from Furley Park Primary School, in Ashford, kicked off the school year with a lesson with a difference, based in the classroom on site in the Dungeness B Visitor Centre. The centre has interactive resources for both children and adults to learn about the production of nuclear energy.

Martin Pearson, Dungeness B station director said: “The response we have received to opening the visitor centre has been brilliant. Schools tell us that using the centre helps bring subjects to life. Since we opened earlier this year we’ve welcomed many school, college and university students as well as businesses and members of the public.”

The Year 5 pupils also had a special tour of the station taking in the reactor hall, turbine hall and visitor centre, to learn about the process of fission and how it has been used at Dungeness B to safely generate nuclear power on the Kent coast for 30 years.

This exciting trip was organised as part of the school’s science topic, “Material and their properties”. Science teacher Tom Burns wanted the youngsters to appreciate how spent fuel rods can be recycled and that the properties of materials, such as concrete, are important when designing for different functions such as encasing the reactors at Dungeness B.

He said: “I have been to the Visitor Centre before with my own children, and I think it is great. Being able to go around the power station and see what I’ve been trying to teach them in action is a really effective way to learn. It really brings the “wow” to science.”

Since opening in February the Dungeness B Visitor Centre team has welcomed over 2,600 people to the power station with a peak of nearly 300 school students visiting in June and July.

Anyone keen to find out more about Dungeness B and nuclear power for themselves can visit the Dungeness B Visitor Centre. The Visitor Centre will normally be open Monday-Friday from 9-4pm. The majority of the tours will be organised for schools and educational groups. However, members of the public will also be able to attend by appointment.

Visitors will be given an introductory talk about how the station operates, before being given a guided tour through selected parts of the plant. To book a visit the public can contact the station via: dungenessBtours@edf-energy.com or call 01797 343728.