12 Mar 12

EDF joins the FTSE4Good Index

Following an in-depth independent analysis and based on social, environmental and nuclear safety criteria, the FTSE4Good Policy Committee has approved the inclusion of the EDF Group into the prestigious FTSE4Good index. The EDF Group is now one of five nuclear operators globally meeting the stringent criteria developed and overseen by the FTSE4Good Policy Committee.

Worldwide recognized, the FTSE4Good Index Series was set up by FTSE Group, the global index company, with the aim of promoting investment in companies that meet ambitious sustainability standards in regards to their social and environmental practices. Nuclear power companies must meet specific criteria for the operational safety of their facilities and for waste management.

Inclusion in the FTSE4Good index is a highly visible evidence for investors of the Group's advanced industrial capabilities. Transparency, nuclear safety and waste management are at the core of the Group’s main priorities.

Claude Nahon, EDF Group's head of sustainable development says: "Transparency is vital in our business. It is the basis for real dialogue with our stakeholders and a pre-condition for public acceptance of our work. Recognition of our efforts on this front by such a well-known and prestigious body is really encouraging."

EDF is one of the first electricity companies in the world with 630 TWh of electricity generated across all types of generation and emits 109 gCO2 per kWh - a quarter of the European average thanks to its nuclear-based energy mix.

Faced with the challenges mitigation of climate change and exhaustion of easily accessible sources of energy, the Group reaffirms its 2020 strategy: being a market leader in low-carbon energy with a 75% low-carbon mix, including 25% renewables (including hydro). The integration of EDF Energies Nouvelles realized in 2011 is a key part of this ambition.

For further information, see the file "Nuclear safety, our overriding priority" on: