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EDF Energy’s further statement on incident in Japan

By EDF | Posted March 15, 2011

The devastation brought about by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan is a very real human tragedy, and our thoughts are with everyone affected.

On nuclear, we welcome the fact the UK Government has asked the safety regulator to report on the implications of the events in Japan.

EDF Energy is happy to support this work in whatever way it can to ensure lessons are learned. The nuclear industry puts great weight on learning from any such events.

Although we have no reason to expect a similar scale of seismic activity in the UK all EDF Energy's nuclear power stations are protected against the effects of seismic events.

These measures cover the kind of seismic and storm surge events that could be expected in the UK and are detailed in approved safety cases which are agreed with the regulator.

In our existing stations and in any new nuclear power stations we will continue to ensure that safety is our top priority and that we meet all regulatory requirements.