23 Apr 13

EDF Energy update on Hinkley Point C Project

As part of good project management, and to control costs, EDF Energy has taken steps to refocus its activities at its Hinkley Point C project. This reflects its priorities ahead of securing the financing necessary for the project.

In this context much activity including further detailed pre-construction engineering work will continue ahead of the later construction phase.

This means there will be a reduction in the number of people working on the project for the time being.

Negotiations with the UK Government to agree a contract for the electricity from Hinkley Point C are making progress.

Recent progress at Hinkley Point C includes the granting of planning permission from the Secretary of State, approval last year of the reactor design by regulators, as well as the granting of a nuclear site licence.

  1. The case for new nuclear in the UK remains as strong as ever. The two proposed new nuclear reactors in Somerset have the capability to provide the UK with the consistent, reliable and secure low carbon energy it needs for the future. It can provide seven per cent of the UK’s electricity needs, operating for at least 60 years.
  1. Hinkley Point C would also provide a huge boost to UK skills, job creation, and can equip British companies to compete for nuclear and power business around the world. During the project 25,000 job opportunities will be created, with 5,600 people employed on the site at peak.