11 Apr 12

EDF Energy statement on Nick Clegg energy announcement

Welcoming today's announcement by the deputy prime minister, EDF Energy Chief Executive, Vincent de Rivaz said 'We are pleased to support this initiative. To build trust between companies and energy users, the energy industry, government and regulator must all work together to deliver an industry that works in the best interests of consumers.

That is why we launched, on March 26th, our 'Customer Commitments' which are focused on delivering Fair Value, Better Service and Simplicity. As part of these we've already promised that we will make sure that any customer who the Government identifies as most in need will automatically benefit from our lowest prices.

We have also launched a new product ‘Blue +Price Promise September 2013'. This comes with a ground-breaking pledge to let customers know if a rival supplier brings out a product which is £1 a week or more cheaper at typical use, with no termination fees to pay if customers choose to leave. And as an additional benefit, this product is backed by low carbon nuclear generation.

We are pleased to see the government's support for low carbon investment and the impact this can have on the economy. We are investing in low carbon generation, including nuclear, and believe this has a critical role to play in creating growth and jobs in the UK.

We've already let contracts worth a total in excess of £650m to over 300 UK companies supporting our plans for new, low carbon, nuclear. And we're committed to investing in renewable energy generation - by the end of this year we'll have over 524 MW in operation.

By investing in new low carbon generation we can ensure the lights stay on, keep bills affordable, create new jobs, and help reduce the carbon intensity of future electricity. Through our customer commitments we aim to rebuild trust. Together these efforts support the sustainable growth the Deputy Prime Minister wants.