9 Nov 12

EDF Energy starts up unit for first time at new West Burton B gas power station

EDF Energy’s new 1300MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power station, currently being commissioned at West Burton in Nottinghamshire, successfully achieved its Unit 1 ‘first fire’ with steam on 5 November 2012, successfully synchronising with National Grid on 6 November 2012.

First fire with steam means that the gas turbine has been run up to full speed without yet generating electricity and first steam means that the gas turbine has been fired for long enough to generate steam in the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (which will be used to power the steam turbine). Synchronisation with National Grid signifies the commencement of commercial power production. Unit 1 is the second of the three gas turbines to have fired.

First fire of Unit 2 was on 10 April 2012, with first steam being generated on 29 May 2012 and synchronisation to National Grid taking place on 31 May 2012. Unit 3 is scheduled to first fire at the end of the year, with all three units running through commissioning and testing activities through to full commercial operation in early 2013.

The construction of the CCGT in Nottinghamshire is part of EDF Energy’s strategy of investment in the UK energy infrastructure. Once commissioned, the CCGT can generate enough electricity for approximately 1.5 million homes.

Graeme Bellingham, Director of CCGT Construction at EDF Energy said:

“Achieving first fire with steam and synchronisation on our second of three units is another important milestone in the commissioning of West Burton B. Alongside EDF Energy’s investments in new nuclear and renewables this new CCGT station will play a significant role in helping us to deliver a diverse, secure energy supply for the UK whilst reducing carbon emissions”.