1 Mar 11

EDF Energy schools programme helps bring sustainability to life for 2.5 million school children

EDF Energy target for engaging children in environmental

issues has been met ahead of schedule

2.5 million schoolchildren across Britain have become involved in EDF Energy’s vision for a more sustainable future through its Schools Programme ‘The Pod’, according to analysis carried out with external experts.*

EDF Energy, the first sustainability partner of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, set an ambitious target of engaging 2.5 million young people in sustainability by 2012 in its Sustainability Commitments - one of the biggest environmental and social programmes of any British energy company. This target was set in February 2008 and, according to the most recent figures, has now been reached ahead of schedule.

Children up and down the country have benefitted from EDF Energy’s the Pod since its launch in September 2008, with over 11,500 schools and colleges now involved in the programme. The Pod website, www.jointhepod.org, is an online resource for teachers, and a platform where they can share ideas and showcase school achievements.

Working with partner Eco-Schools, the programme helps children learn about a range of environmental issues and offers resources to help them save energy and cut school and community carbon footprints. Almost half of primary schools (45%)** and 43%*** of all schools in England are members of the Pod - more than are registered with the schools programme of any other UK energy company.

Robyn Broughton, EDF Energy’s Schools Programme manager said: "EDF Energy is delighted that, working with Eco-Schools, we’ve been able to support thousands of teachers across the country who can use the Pod to help their pupils learn about and embrace green issues and make a real difference to their schools and local environments.

"We’re extremely proud of the fantastic feedback we get from teachers and the incredible enthusiasm and commitment children show to sustainability. The programme seems to have helped make a real difference to children’s understanding of green issues and EDF Energy intends to continue to drive this awareness through The Pod as we work towards 2012 and beyond."

The Pod is part of London 2012 ‘Get Set’, the official London 2012 education programme, and EDF Energy hopes its engagement with young people in the lead up to the Games will contribute to powerful legacy of sustainability for London 2012.

Gareth Wynn, Director of London 2012 Programme, EDF Group said: "The success of EDF Energy’s Schools Programme in raising children’s awareness and engagement with sustainability has far exceeded our expectations ahead of the original 2012 target, which is fantastic news. The Pod is a key part of how EDF Energy is using our partnership with London 2012 to inspire millions of people to reduce their impact on the environment. The enthusiasm that we’ve seen from The Pod’s schools has shown the great potential that rests with the next generation, and their commitment to become more sustainable is an important part of the legacy we want to leave from our part in the Games."

Darren Woodward, Headteacher of Kedington Primary school in Suffolk, explained: "Since we became involved with EDF Energy’s School Programme, the Pod, we’ve seen a huge amount of enthusiasm not only from our pupils, but also from our staff, who’ve welcomed the opportunity to bring more green issues into the classroom. Sustainability and low carbon living are a priority to our school, so it’s really encouraging that EDF Energy has already engaged so many schoolchildren like ours across the UK, helping them to take action to reduce their carbon footprints."

For more information about EDF Energy’s The Pod, please visit www.jointhepod.org