19 Oct 12

EDF Energy responds to OFGEM's energy market reforms

EDF Energy welcomes today’s initiatives from OFGEM to ensure that the energy market in the UK is simple, clear and fair for customers. We share these aims and know that they are essential for building trust between consumers and suppliers.

Our own customer commitments launched earlier this year to offer Fair Value, Better Service and Simplicity have already been recognised as an important and market-leading step in that direction.

We cut the number of tariffs we offer to customers to just two: fixed and standard variable. We have also redesigned our bills - with the help of customers - to make them easy to understand. Both these measures are designed to help customers identify the best deals for them.

We offer all our customers - whether new or existing - the same deals and make them available to everyone including those who are not online.

We have simplified our charges to make them easier to understand and our new annual statement, which we will send to all our customers later this year, will outline the cheapest tariffs we offer.

We have also promised to ensure our most vulnerable customers automatically benefit from our cheapest prices. We remain the only supplier in Britain to make this pledge.

We know there is more to be done to win trust in the industry, especially as a time when energy prices are rising and the country faces the challenge and cost of rebuilding its energy infrastructure. We believe that by delivering on our commitments to offer fair value, better service, and simpler bills and tariffs, EDF Energy is taking significant steps which customers will notice.

EDF Energy’s chief executive Vincent de Rivaz said: “OFGEM is right to say that the industry needs to build trust with customers by being simple, clear and fair. We know that our customer commitments to make bills simpler, cut the number of tariffs and to automatically move our most vulnerable customers to the cheapest deals are already making a difference. Consumers in the UK want to know they are getting a fair deal and the industry has to act.”