14 Nov 13

EDF Energy Renewables Looks to Future with Cold Northcott Wind Farm

EDF Energy Renewables has confirmed that it intends to submit proposals to Cornwall County Council to replace the turbines at its Cold Northcott wind farm.

Cold Northcott wind farm is located around 12.5 km west of Launceston and lies either side of the A395 road. The wind farm comprises 22 turbines with a total capacity of 6.6 megawatts. These turbines have been generating low carbon electricity since 1993.

The company is at the early stages of looking into the feasibility of repowering the wind farm by replacing the current turbines on site with newer models. This could boost the amount of low carbon electricity which can be generated at the site and would meet the highest standards in terms of environmental design and performance.

To this end, EDF Energy Renewables has submitted a Scoping Report to the Council to start of the process to formally agree the content of any future planning application.

The scoping report outlines the technical issues to be considered in the development of the proposed wind farm and seeks agreement with the Council on the key environmental effects to be addressed in the environmental impact assessment which will accompany any planning application.

Just as with applications for new wind farms, EDF Energy Renewables will be carrying out a public consultation with the local community on its plans to repower the wind farm. The company aims to carry out this consultation next year and details will be released in due course.

Tim Wheeler, Development Manager Onshore Wind at EDF Energy Renewables, said:

“Cold Northcott has been successfully generating low carbon electricity for over 20 years. During that time the technology of wind energy has taken leaps forward and it is now time to look at the future operation of the site.

“As a country we face a significant challenge to maintain energy supply‚ tackle climate change and maintain affordable energy prices. We believe the answer lies in greater energy efficiency and the generation of electricity from a diverse range of low carbon sources including nuclear and renewables.

“EDF Energy Renewables is committed to developing new, low carbon electricity generating capacity and we believe that repowering our existing facility at Cold Northcott can make a useful contribution.

“We are still in the very early stages of developing our proposals for the site and will be carrying out further investigative work over the coming months. This will help to provide more information ahead of our consultation with the local community.”

The Government’s aim is that 15% of all energy consumed in the UK should be from renewable sources by 2020. This means the proportion of electricity supply that will have to come from renewables will need to be in the region of 30% or more.*

As part of the commitment to working towards these aims, EDF Energy Renewables already has over 500MW of onshore and offshore projects in service and further projects under development across the country.


*Based on current figures supplied by Renewable UK