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EDF Energy reaction to Committee on Climate Change’s Renewable Energy Review

By EDF | Posted May 09, 2011

EDF Energy commends the Committee on Climate Change for their thorough advice to Government on the UK’s Renewable Energy targets and practical proposals on the best balance between intermittent generating capacity and low carbon baseload generation.


We agree with the committee that renewables will have a significant role to play in delivering low-carbon energy supply. Alongside that, we welcome their recognition of the important role of low carbon nuclear power. EDF Energy has consistently argued that diverse energy sources, including renewables and nuclear, are needed.


Delivering the low carbon generating capacity envisaged by the committee – established and emerging renewable technologies, new nuclear and proving the potential of carbon capture and storage – will be a challenge for our industry. EDF Energy is playing its part with renewable, nuclear and research projects underway.

The UK must address climate change at a cost that consumers and businesses can afford. The CCC has said that safe nuclear power, the lowest cost, large scale, low carbon electricity source, is a key element. We agree.


Safety remains the priority at our existing plants and in our new build plans. We have invested over many years and continue to invest to ensure the safety of our existing stations.


Further, EDF Energy has already taken steps to respond to early lessons from Fukushima. We have participated actively in the work by Mike Weightman and look forward to both his interim and full reports.

The designs we propose for the future already build in the lessons from previous extreme events, inside and outside our industry. We will take account of new lessons from Japan.

All this is done within the rigorous and robust national and international framework for nuclear safety.


We remain confident that nuclear is the most affordable, large-scale, low carbon choice and that it is a safe choice for the UK.

We are pleased that the CCC report highlights the importance of electricity market reform to encourage investment in all forms of low carbon energy. It is important we continue to make progress on the key measures, including contracts for difference. We look forward to seeing Governments plans in an Energy White Paper before the summer recess.


We also welcome the CCC’s acknowledgement of the contribution electricity can make in decarbonising transport and heating and the role that renewable heat will play in meeting the UK renewable energy targets.