2 Jan 13

EDF Energy meets all its energy efficiency targets on time

EDF Energy has today confirmed that, subject to final approval by Ofgem, it has met all of its energy efficiency targets for the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) and the Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP)*.

The company, Britain’s largest generator of low carbon electricity, has installed a total of 900,000 insulation measures in homes across the country, helping to keep homes warmer and fuel bills lower in the process.

The work carried out by EDF Energy has included loft and wall insulation, new energy efficiency boilers and the installation of low carbon heating systems such as air source heat pumps and micro-generation. A typical household can save £310 per year on their bills through having loft and cavity wall insulation installed **.

EDF Energy worked in partnership with local councils, communities and charities to identify ‘hard to reach’ vulnerable people who could benefit from having free energy efficiency measures installed in their homes. This collaborative approach proved highly effective and resulted in EDF Energy completing energy efficiency improvements in a total of 350,000 households - classed by the Government as being on a low income or vulnerable***.

The Government’s CERT and CESP schemes began in April 2008 and September 2009 respectively and set energy suppliers and generators individual targets for promoting reductions in carbon emissions in homes across Britain. A typical household can save £310 per year on their bills through having loft and cavity wall insulation installed **.

The deadline for meeting the targets was December 31st 2012. The schemes have now been replaced by the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) which will be rolled out this year.

Martin Lawrence, Managing Director of Energy Sourcing and Customer Supply at EDF Energy, said: “We’re proud to have helped hundreds of thousands of households up and down the country to lower their fuel bills, keep warm and cut their carbon emissions.

“By forming close partnerships with local councils and charities, we’ve ensured some of the country’s poorest communities have benefitted from this support.

“We will continue to work in partnership with these groups as we begin to roll out the ECO in the New Year and will again focus on the vulnerable people who can benefit most from having energy efficiency measures installed in their homes. I would encourage people interested in finding out how they could benefit to get in touch with us.”



* Subject to Ofgem approval of EDF Energy’s completion reports on each of our schemes which have to be notified to Ofgem by 31/01/2013.

** Savings information provided by the Energy Saving Trust. Savings based on a typical three-bedroom semi-detached gas heated house with an annual gas consumption of 18,700kWh, with an average gas price of 4.49p/kWh and an electricity price of 14.39p/kWh; correct as of September 2011 and valid for 2011-12. Actual savings achieved will vary depending on type, age, main heating fuel of your home or if you choose to take increased warmth following installation of the improvements.

*** Based on delivery of Priority Group (inc. Super Priority Group) sub-target of CERT and CESP obligation.