9 Dec 13

EDF Energy lends 'Helping Hands' support to Canal clean up

A group of volunteers recently swapped their desks at EDF Energy's offices in Barnwood for a stretch of canal in Gloucester as part of an effort to tidy up the canal route.

The nine volunteers, whose normal day jobs support the supply chain for the company's fleet of nuclear power stations were taking part in a 'Helping Hands' event for the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal Trust.

Working along a half mile stretch of canal at the Over Basin in Gloucester, the day involved clearing undergrowth surrounding recently planted saplings along the canal route to ensure the best chance for their development. The cleared areas were then mulched to further protect the saplings.

The group worked enthusiastically to the brief given by Ted Beagles, leader of this community project. Tools for the tasks were provided by a contract partner, Balfour Beatty, with the tools then being donated, allowing the volunteers to give something to the Trust that would be of real benefit for the rest of the ongoing restoration project.

Volunteer Mark Drew said: "Being able to help The Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust in their canal restoration work was a valuable opportunity for all involved. The gardening and maintenance activities performed by the group of EDF Energy volunteers really made a difference to the Canal's appearance and was most appreciated by the Trust. All our volunteers found the experience enjoyable as well as rewarding."

The EDF Energy 'Helping Hands' scheme allows its employees to take paid days off to carry out voluntary work within the community, with a wide range of charities and organisations benefiting locally throughout the year.