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EDF Energy launches Britain’s longest available fixed energy deal

By EDF | Posted July 03, 2013

EDF Energy is today (Wednesday, 3 July) launching Blue+Price Freeeeze November 2016 which gives customers the chance to freeze their energy prices for the next three winters - with the freedom to leave at any time without paying an exit fee.

Blue+Price Freeeeze November 2016 is the longest fixed priced energy deal available in the market and will protect customers from price rises for the next 41 months.

Based on a national average of regional prices, the annual dual fuel bill for a customer on Blue+Price Freeeeze November 2016 paying by direct debit would be £1,350 a year at typical consumption.*

EDF Energy has also launched today a new short-term fixed priced product, Blue+Price Promise September 2014. This will be attractive to customers who prefer to fix their prices for a shorter time period. It offers a fixed price for 15 months, with a national average annual dual fuel bill costing £1,210 at typical consumption for customers paying by direct debit.

This tariff includes the popular Price Promise which provides greater confidence for customers as EDF Energy guarantees to tell them if another energy supplier offers a tariff which is more than £1 a week cheaper (£52 a year) at typical consumption.**

Both of these tariffs allow customers to leave EDF Energy at any point during the contract without incurring a penalty fee if they find a better deal with another supplier. Some other suppliers charge an exit penalty of up to £100 to dual fuel customers who want to leave their contract early.

Customers signing up to either Blue+Price Freeeeze November 2016 or Blue+Price Promise September 2014 will also benefit from a guarantee that the electricity they use will be matched by low carbon electricity generated by nuclear power stations without paying a premium.***

Both tariffs are available to all dual fuel, and electricity-only customers who pay by direct debit or cash / cheque. They will be open to both new and existing customers.

Martin Lawrence, Managing Director of Energy Sourcing and Customer Supply, said:

“We know that many of our customers are worried about future price rises. Blue+Price Freeeeze November 2016 gives consumers peace of mind that their energy bills won’t increase for three winters. And for those who are looking for a shorter fix Blue+Price Promise September 2014 offers excellent value.

“Both tariffs leave consumers well and truly in control. There are no catches and they have the flexibility to leave for free at any point if they find a cheaper deal.”



EDF Energy’s Blue+Price Promise February 2015 product was removed from the market on July 3.

*Typical consumption as defined by Ofgem is 3,300 kWh electricity and 16,500 kWh gas consumption and 5,000 kWh of electricity for Economy 7 meters.

**Customers will be informed via email within 10 days of EDF Energy receiving prices confirming another supplier’s deal has a projected annual bill of £52 a year or more cheaper, at typical consumption, which EDF Energy treats as being £1 a week or more cheaper. The same information will also be published on the EDF Energy website and updated within two working days of EDF Energy receiving prices confirming another supplier’s deal is £52 or more a year cheaper. Customers who are not online will be sent a letter within 10 days. The Price Promise takes account of dual fuel and direct debit discounts EDF Energy is aware of, but not cash-back offers or other indirect offers.

***Blue+Price Freeeeze November 2016 and Blue+Price Promise September 2014 come with a guarantee that 100% of the electricity we estimate a customer uses will be matched by low carbon electricity generated by EDF Energy’s nuclear power stations. Low-carbon electricity purchased for Blue is supplied into the National Grid. Blue customers receive electricity via the National Grid, not directly from low-carbon generators. For more information visit EDF Energy has appointed an external company to provide an audit of the company’s energy supply matching process – to ensure it does meet this guarantee.