26 Sep 12

EDF Energy launches Blue +Price Promise May 2014 offering fixed prices for two winters with no exit fees

EDF Energy will tomorrow (Thursday, September 27) launch Blue +Price Promise May 2014 which will give customers the chance to fix their energy prices for the next two winters at a competitive rate, with the freedom to leave at anytime without paying an exit fee.

EDF Energy, Britain’s largest generator of nuclear-backed low carbon electricity, said householders concerned about their energy bills could protect themselves against any potential price increases until at least May 2014.

Based on a national average of regional prices, the annual dual fuel bill for a customer on Blue +Price Promise May 2014 paying by direct debit will be £1,143 a year at typical consumption.* The competitively priced tariff is one of the few fixed deals on the market which comes with no exit fees.

Customers signing up to Blue +Price Promise May 2014 will also benefit from:

  • An industry-first Price Promise to inform customers if another energy supplier offers a tariff which works out at £1 a week cheaper, at typical use.**
  • No termination fees
  • A guarantee that the electricity a customer uses will be matched by low carbon electricity generated by nuclear power stations without paying a premium.***
  • Monthly rewards for all customers through EDF Energy’s Thank Yous programme
  • UK-based call centres
  • 24/7 web-based customer services including Livechat

Since EDF Energy launched Blue +Price Promise in April, over 750,000 customer accounts have switched to the innovative tariff.

Blue +Price Promise May 2014 will be available to dual fuel, and electricity-only customers. It will be open to both new and existing customers.

Jim Poole, EDF Energy’s director of residential customers, said: “As winter approaches, we know many people are worried about what will happen to their energy bills.

“Those signing up to our Blue +Price Promise May 2014 tariff will gain the peace of mind of knowing their energy prices will remain fixed over the next two winters at a competitive price. And customers will also benefit from the flexibility of knowing they can leave at any point without paying an exit fee if they find a better deal.

“We’ll even promise to tell customers if a rival brings out a tariff which saves them the equivalent of £1 a week or more at typical consumption.

“This is part of our wider commitment to rebuilding trust with customers by offering them fair prices in an open and transparent way.”


* Typical consumption as defined by Ofgem is 3,300 kWh electricity and 16,500 kWh gas consumption.

**Customers will be informed via email within 10 days of a supplier informing the company of a deal which is £52 a year cheaper, at typical consumption. The same information will also be published on the EDF Energy website and updated within two working days of a supplier informing the company of a deal which is £52 or more a year cheaper. Customers who are not online will be sent a letter within 10 days. Customers will also be able to check at their own consumption levels on the EDF Energy website.

***Blue +Price Promise May 2014 comes with a guarantee that 100% of the electricity a customer uses will be matched by low carbon electricity generated by EDF Energy’s nuclear power stations. Low-carbon electricity purchased for Blue is supplied into the National Grid. Blue customers receive electricity via the National Grid, not directly from low-carbon generators. For more information visit www.edfenergy.com/blue. EDF Energy has appointed an external company to provide an audit of the company’s energy supply matching process – to ensure it does meet this guarantee. Their report will be published on the EDF Energy website.