19 Mar 14

EDF Energy comment on Dungeness B Power Station

EDF Energy chose to take both reactors offline for two months in May 2013 to further improve flooding defence at Dungeness B.

Prior to this the site was deemed safe to operate and protected from events which would occur one in every 1,000 years by the nuclear safety regulator, the ONR.

We conservatively took the decision to take both reactors offline in order to undertake additional protection to cover extremely rare events; ones which might happen only one in 10,000 years.

Part of this work included building a flood defence wall around the site which is due to be completed this month. We are continuously updating and improving the plant to ensure it is operating safely. The recent weather has had no impact on operations at Dungeness B.

Martin Pearson, station director at Dungeness B confirmed: “the recent adverse weather has had no impact on existing infrastructure and the power station has operated normally in the recent high tides and stormy weather.”