18 Oct 13

EDF Energy boats hit the water at Largs Sail Training Association

A grant from EDF Energy’s Hunterston B power station has bought three new boats and sails for youngsters to learn the ropes at Largs Sail Training Association (LSTA) which is part of Largs Sailing Club.

The money, more than £7000, comes from the company’s Sporting Legacy Fund which was set up after the London 2012 Olympics to capture the spirit of the Games. EDF, of which EDF Energy is a UK subsidiary, was an official partner and electricity supplier to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The company supplied electricity to the Olympic Park which was backed by low-carbon nuclear and renewable sources.

The boats, which are all RS Qubas, will be on the water two or three times a week as they will be used for training more than 100 cadets, aged 8 -18, at the intermediate and advanced level.

Hunterston B power station director, Colin Weir, said, “We are delighted to be able to help Largs Sail Training Association and really hope the new boats will be well used and enjoyed by all the cadets learning to sail. The boats aren’t named but you will be able to easily identify them as they all have the EDF Energy logo on the sail. Ultimately I hope the new boats will allow more people to take up a very worthwhile sport.”

Peter Hall, Chair and Principle of the LSTA, said, “The addition of the three EDF RS Qubas to our training fleet has made a big difference to the club. We really need a class of six RS Qubas to make the training sessions in them as productive as possible so the addition of another three boats has really helped us. I’d like to thank Hunterston B power station for this fantastic contribution which will help us get more cadets on the water.”