22 Aug 13

EDF Energy announces revised support package for vulnerable customers

EDF Energy has announced a revised package of support to help its most vulnerable customers including free benefit entitlement checks and continued access to grants to clear household debts.

This will replace EDF Energy’s Price Reassurance* scheme, which will close on September 30. All eligible vulnerable customers will continue to receive the Warm Home Discount, worth £135 this year. EDF Energy has paid out more than £36m in Warm Home Discount rebates since the scheme started.

In addition, those currently on the Price Reassurance scheme will also benefit from:

  • Access to our specialist team of personalised support advisors who offer a ‘one stop’ shop for helping vulnerable customers. This includes checks to ensure they are on the best tariff for them.

  • Support to ensure they are claiming all the state benefits they are entitled to. On average, benefit entitlement checks have helped people previously missing out on state support access an extra £1,600 a year.**

  • Advice on saving energy and access to free energy efficiency measures such as new boilers, loft insulation and cavity walls.

Around £3m will also be invested this year in the EDF Energy Trust Fund, which makes cash awards to vulnerable customers who are struggling to pay their energy bills or other household debts. Since its launch in 2003, EDF Energy has invested £22m into the Fund, which has helped nearly 26,000 households in serious difficulties. EDF Energy will continue to fund a debt advice service run by the Citizens Advice Bureau, which helps over 12,000 people a year.

EDF Energy is writing to all those who have benefitted from its Price Reassurance scheme, outlining the package of support that is available to them. It will also make all vulnerable customers aware of the best deals available to them.

The company is committed to offering its customers fair, competitive prices. Its standard variable prices have been the cheapest offered by any major supplier for 30 out of 33 weeks this year.*** EDF Energy also offers two Blue fixed tariffs, both of which protect customers from price increases and allow them to leave for free. In order to continue to offer all of its customers the best possible prices, EDF Energy said it could no longer keep the scheme open. It pledged to reintroduce the initiative if other suppliers implemented a Price Reassurance scheme.

Martin Lawrence, EDF Energy’s managing director, said: “We believe this revised package of support will continue to offer our vulnerable customers both practical support and access to financial help which could make a real difference to their lives in an effective and sustainable way.

“By providing free impartial debt advice, free benefit entitlement checks, and financial help to clear household debts through our Trust Fund we will be giving a helping hand to those who need it most. The number of customer benefitting from the Warm Home Discount is set to increase significantly and thousands of people will also be eligible for free energy efficiency measures, which can help keep homes warm and lower energy bills.

“We also offer the lowest average standard variable prices of any major supplier and our fixed priced deals offer customers protection against potential price rises and the freedom to leave at anytime without paying an exit fee.”