21 Jul 14

EDF Energy and trade unions conclude negotiations for Hinkley Point C

The agreements, which cover supervisors and support service workers (such as security, transport, cleaning and catering) as well as construction workers, set the project's policies and culture for effective collaboration between all parties involved, including EDF Energy management, contractors, unions and the entire workforce.

All of the agreements were marked at an EDF Energy reception in London this afternoon, attended by the Hinkley Point C project's supply chain partners, and representatives from the UK and French trade unions. EDF Energy Chief Executive, Vincent de Rivaz, delivered the closing speech at the event.

The agreements cover the entire Hinkley Point C workforce from construction workers to supervisors, bus drivers to catering and cleaning staff. The agreements are for not just pay and productivity, but also industrial relations, recruitment, training, health and welfare, as well as skills development and workforce communications. They also promote a single culture, which promotes safety, quality and productivity, covering the entire project for its duration.

The agreements demonstrate EDF Energy's wish to work together with unions and contractors, as part of one team. They will also help attract and retain the highest quality skilled people to the project.

Putting these agreements in place now is an important step towards ensuring the project is ready for delivery. It demonstrates a partnership approach between EDF Energy, unions and contractors and their joint commitment to the success of the project, which is subject to a final investment decision.

Vincent de Rivaz, EDF Energy’s Chief Executive, said: “These landmark agreements have been reached through constructive dialogue, with genuine commitment on all sides. The collective nature of these agreements is their most important feature, and they represent a new template for others to follow. They ensure that the Hinkley Point C project will benefit from excellent workforce relations, with everyone working as one team with a common approach agreed ahead of time.

“These progressive agreements are genuinely novel, and will help us ensure we have the right team of people in place to deliver the project.”

Hinkley Point C is a critical project for the UK. It will provide a secure and affordable supply of low carbon electricity for decades to come, creating 25,000 new employment opportunities over the construction period, with around 5,600 people employed on site at peak, and 900 permanent jobs during operation. It will also restart the nuclear new build capability in the UK – rebuilding the country’s engineering and construction skills, and boosting the UK’s industrial stamina.