10 Nov 10

EDF and AREVA encouraged by the regulators' fourth quarterly report on the Generic Design Assessment process

EDF and AREVA are encouraged by the latest progress report by the UK regulators on the Generic Design Assessment process. http://www.hse.gov.uk/newreactors/quarterly-updates.htm

We welcome their assertion that the EPRTM reactor design is capable of being shown to be acceptable in the UK and specifically that the plans declared by EDF for UK EPRs at Hinkley Point would not be adversely affected by clearance of any GDA issues.

We note the progressive resolution of various issues and are encouraged that the regulators’ scorecard now shows that out of seventeen key areas identified by them, only one shows a significant shortfall for their requirements. Regarding control and instrumentation, the regulator expresses that they are 'very encouraged' by EDF and AREVA's proposals which, they feel, address the main concerns and believe that an acceptable position can be reached for GDA.

We understand the regulators’ concern about the need to provide timely and quality submissions and responses and are committed to meeting their deadlines, to ensure completion of the process by June 2011.

While recognising that there is still much work to do and reflecting our commitment to this work, EDF's timetable for its first new reactor in the UK is unchanged. We aim to pour first concrete at Hinkley in early 2013 and to have the plant commercially operational in 2018.