27 Nov 19
Dungeness B

Dungeness staff take on moustache charity challenge

Dungeness B 2019 Movember challenge
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Things are getting a bit hairy at Dungeness B – after a team of technicians sprouted all manner of wonderful facial hair for a Movember challenge.

About 20 maintenance team members at the power station have taken up the charity challenge this month – and have raised hundreds of pounds in sponsorship.

“Some of the team are looking very... different,” said 22-year-old electrical maintenance apprentice Chris Baker.

“Taking part was a departmental thing. We all really wanted to do something for this cause because it really matters. We’re a massive group of men in a workplace which doesn’t usually talk, or think, about the sorts of issues that Movember supports. But when we talked about doing this, it was clear we all knew just how important it was to raise the profile of this. And we’ve really gone for it. We were all clean shaven-ish at the start but now people are really growing into the hair.”

Movember is an annual challenge to have a bash at growing a ‘tash, get sponsored and donate the money to Movember, which works to raise awareness of men’s health issues.

So far the moustache mob have raised more than £600 – but they are hoping for a few more donations to raise even more.

Chris added: “I’m having real trouble, it’s really bothering me, all this hair. It gets crumbs in it, it’s itchy, I just don’t know how guys used to stick this out. It’s completely beyond me.”

Anyone who wants to donate to the team's appeal can click here.

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