30 Jul 14

Dungeness B visitor centre goes out on the road

Over 150 people stopped by the mobile visitor centre at the fayre on July 26 to see some of the interactive resources from the Dungeness B visitor centre.

As well as the visitor centre on site, which is open to members of the public free of charge, Dungeness B also offers free tours of the power station when booked in advance.

Some of the station guides were there to explain the activities on the stand, including Sarah Mayberry who lives in Lydd.

She said: “It’s so good to see people of all ages taking an interest in nuclear energy. We get a lot of school groups visiting the station to find out more about what we do but to be able to exhibit at a public event like this makes it really easy for people to learn more, in a fun, interactive way.”

EDF Energy also sponsored the Children’s Races and with over 550 employees at the station many Dungeness B staff also attended the event.