11 Feb 14

Dungeness B Station Director quizzed by inquisitive 12 year old

James, a Year 7 pupil at Folkestone Academy in Kent, had the opportunity to meet and interview Martin for Academy FM, a local community radio station based in Folkestone.

Martin, who has been director at the power station in Kent for over two years, said: “I have to say, being interviewed by a 12 year old is a lot harder than it sounds! James asked some very good questions and I hope he has come away with a good understanding of nuclear power, why it is an important part of our future energy mix and the positive contributions that Dungeness B makes both locally and nationally.”

The feature is part of Academy FM’s Young Science Broadcasters project which links school children with interesting science-based stories.

Accompanied by Helen Sharp who leads on the project, James toured the power station and visitor centre before sitting down to grill the man in charge.

James, 12, from Folkestone, said: “It has been so exciting to see inside the power station and learn where nuclear energy comes from. I feel very lucky that I’ve been able to meet the station director and ask him my questions.”

James’ questions ranged from “what makes something nuclear?” and “what happens to nuclear waste?” to “does something that is radioactive really glow green?”!

Helen, who is an ex-BBC science and medicine journalist, said: “Experiences like this can really bring a subject to life for young people and Martin has done a brilliant job in answering the questions in such a way that James and his peers will be able to understand. Sometimes the toughest questions to answer can come from people that are new to the subject.”

The visitor centre celebrates its one-year anniversary this month [February] and has proven to be very popular with over 4,700 visitors including many school and college groups.

There is a classroom on site and pupils are given an introductory talk about how the station operates, before being given a guided tour through selected parts of the plant.

To book a visit the public can contact the station via: dungenessBtours@edf-energy.com or call 01797 343728.