23 Oct 17
Dungeness B

Dungeness B starts search for the next generation of engineers

The nuclear power station is running drop-in sessions at its visitors centre, Monday to Friday from 30 October until 10 November

Dungeness B nuclear power station is kicking off its search to find new apprentices to join the team in 2018.

The power station on the Kent coastline is hosting an Apprenticeship Fortnight from 30 October for prospective apprentices who are interested in a career in engineering.

Apprentice Coordinator, Ben McDonald said: “The four-year Engineering Maintenance Apprenticeship gives school-leavers the skills, confidence and qualifications to have a really successful and well-paid career in the energy industry.”

“This year we are looking for eight new apprentices to join the team in September 2018. For more information on the scheme, come and see us in the station’s visitor centre between 2pm and 5pm every weekday from 30 October until 10 November."

Prospective candidates will also have the chance to book a future tour of the plant to see what life on a nuclear power station is really like.

The four-year training scheme starts with two years at the world-class training facility at HMS Sultan near Portsmouth and is followed by the final two years on site. 

Applications open on 1 November and interested candidates can apply online on the EDF Energy website at https://www.edfenergy.com/careers/early-careers/apprenticeships/engineering-maintenance-apprenticeship

For more information contact:

Laurence Ollier
External Communications Manager - Generation (South East)
0781 3232 765

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