5 Dec 13

Dungeness B powers up learning for Maidstone pupils

Dave Chalcroft, outage management group head at Dungeness B nuclear power station in Kent, first visited Valley School in October to speak to five classes of year nine students about the science behind nuclear power.

The school wanted their students to understand more about the energy mix and how energy is produced in the UK. The sessions proved so popular with students that Dave returned on 2 December with power station visitor centre manager June Ashton to speak to year seven students.

Dave, who has worked at the power station for nine years, said: “It’s important that young people have a balanced view of different sources of energy. We talked about a range of energy sources from wind to solar and of course, nuclear power which we use at Dungeness B to safely deliver low carbon power to 1.5 million homes.”

Using a moving coil ammeter and magnet, the pupils were able to see the basic principles behind electricity generation first hand.

Maddie Grout, assistant head teacher at the school said, “The best way to teach young people about a subject is to engage with them through practical demonstrations and lively conversation. We’re really grateful to Dave for giving up his time to deliver the talks.”

Employees from Dungeness B, which is owned and operated by EDF Energy, visit schools, colleges and businesses to speak about a range of topics from environmental safety to nuclear engineering as part of their programme “Talk Service”.

For school groups looking to hold an unusual science lesson, the on-site classroom at the Dungeness B visitor centre can be used free of charge, followed by a tour of the plant itself really bringing the principles behind energy generation to life.

To book a tour please email dungenessbtours@edf-energy.com or call on 01797 343728