2 May 17
Hinkley Point B - Graphite

Community update

2 May 2017

Dear SSG Member, As a member of our community, I believe it is important to keep you updated on any developments at Hinkley Point B Power Station. Unit 7 (R3) at Hinkley Point B was taken offline for its planned interim outage on Friday 28 April.

An outage at a power station is similar to a car having an MOT and service but on a bigger scale. This will allow us to carry out some planned maintenance and inspection work. As part of the programme of work we will be carrying out inspections of the graphite core.

We know that during the life of a nuclear reactor the core will lose some of its mass and that cracks will appear in some of the bricks. This is part of the normal aging process and is accepted by our regulator. The results of our inspections so far are in line with our expectations and, as we have previously discussed, we expect to identify some cracks during the life of the reactor.

We expect to bring the unit back online in May. I will update you after that.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact the station on 01278 654699 and ask for Dave Stokes.

More information about graphite and nuclear lifetime management is available on our website: Graphite blocks in nuclear power stations.

Peter Evans

Station Director