20 Dec 17
Hinkley Point C

Call for apprentices to join growing HPC workforce

THE opportunity to forge a career at one of Europe’s largest construction sites is on offer as an apprentice at Hinkley Point C.

EDF Energy is looking for apprentices to fill a number of roles in the supply chain and engineering departments at the new nuclear power station.

The project’s engineering team is looking for 10 people to start a nuclear engineering degree apprenticeship. The successful applicants will spend four years learning from experts, getting valuable experience all whilst studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Honours)

Hinkley Point C and its key contractors are also looking for 12 young people to join the ‘HPC Supply Chain Apprenticeship Programme’.

The five-year training programme will  kick-start a career as a commercial professional with EDF Energy or one of its supply chain partners. Apprentices will learning from experts and will study for a university level qualification.

Applications, which close at the end of January, for all the apprenticeships are made through the EDF Energy careers website: https://www.edfenergy.com/careers/early-careers/apprenticeships.

Chris Young, Hinkley Point C’s Apprentice and Skills Lead, said: “All the information the applicants need is available on the website, while this year, there’s also additional information available for parents and guardians of young people who are considering applying to EDF Energy early careers programmes. 

“The aim is to provide an overview of the schemes, and reassurance about our commitment to zero harm and concern for our trainees’ wellbeing. 

“We hope it will help to answer frequently asked questions and allay any concerns that parents will naturally have.”

Young people aged between 16-21 can also find additional information about the diverse range of job opportunities available to them at Hinkley Point C – everything from catering and security to marine work, welding and administration work – by signing-up to the Young HPC initiative.

The scheme provides useful online tools to help young people build their CV, develop an understanding of interview techniques and introduces them to some of the companies helping to build Hinkley Point C through the website www.edfenergy.com/younghpc.

Meanwhile, the value of apprenticeships has been highlighted by Skills Minister Anne Milton who said such schemes gave learners more options than ever to pursue the career of their choice.

She said: “Higher and degree apprenticeships provide the high level technical skills that employers need and offer young people the opportunity to earn while they learn on courses that offer a high quality alternative career path.

“Whatever level someone has achieved, there is a road ahead for all apprentices to achieve more and more.”

Applications, which close at the end of January, for all the apprenticeships are made through the EDF Energy careers website: https://www.edfenergy.com/careers/early-careers/apprenticeships.

The parents’ guidance website can be found at: https://www.edfenergy.com/content/parent-and-guardian-guidance.

For more information contact:

Annelise Cowie
External Communications Manager, Hinkley Point
01278 654535
07813 232385

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