18 Aug 17
Hinkley Point C

Bridgwater pupils help name Hinkley Point C campuses

CREATIVE pupils at Willowdown Primary Academy, in Bridgwater, have helped the Hinkley Point C team by naming the project’s two workforce accommodation campuses. 

The campuses will house the increased workforce from next summer. One will be located off Bath Road, in Bridgwater, and have approximately 1,000 bed spaces, while the other will house 510 workers at the Hinkley Point C site.

As part of EDF Energy’s engagement programme with the community, Key Stage 2 students at Willowdown Primary Academy, which neighbours the Bridgwater accommodation campus, were asked for their suggestions to name each location. 

It was decided the Bridgwater accommodation site would be called ‘Sedgemoor Campus’ and, after reviewing the entries, ‘Hinkley House’ was picked for the site accommodation. Additionally, with so many good suggestions, some of the pupils’ other names were chosen to be used elsewhere within the campus locations.

EDF Energy’s Community Relations Officer Hayley Terrell, and Laing O’Rourke’s Environmental Advisor Jennifer Collier visited Willowdown to deliver the good news.

They also spoke to the children about the Hinkley Point C Project and its associated developments.

Jennifer said: “We were really impressed with how interested the children are in the Hinkley Point C project.  We thought this was a great opportunity for local children to learn a bit more about the project, and be part of the legacy by helping name our workers campuses.”    

Names for two roads within the Sedgemoor Campus were also chosen using ideas suggested by pupils – Power Lane and Energy Lane. Other names suggested for the campus accommodation included Parrett Power, Rainbow Crystal Campus and Studio Nuclear.

The winners each received a keyring featuring Zingy, the popular character from EDF Energy’s TV advertising campaign, and vouchers, while the runners-up were given an electrical board game to share with their classmates.

“We’re very proud to be starting work at both campus locations,” said Laing O’Rourke project leader Scott Palmer. “The modular methodology for much of the construction programme will allow us to make quick progress – and in turn minimise disruption to our neighbours in the community.”

The first guests at Hinkley House and Sedgemoor Campus are expected in summer 2018.

For more information contact:

Annelise Cowie
External Communications Manager, Hinkley Point
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