Choose how to reduce your charges through Demand Side Response

Turn your business into a flexible electricity user and take advantage of the evolving UK energy market. How? Demand Side Response (DSR). Reduce or shift your electricity use and earn revenue savings with little or no upfront cost. 

Demand response is not a passing fad in the UK energy market. It plays a fundamental role in keeping the UK electricity system working. In other words, it’s here to stay and many businesses are already benefitting.

We can help you scope out the energy saving potential in your existing assets, identify the right scheme for you and get your business DSR enabled. Once you’re participating, you can start earning. 

Our DSR schemes are backed by trusted technology and our experts are on hand to support you every step of the way.

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Our DSR Offer

Capacity Market

Earn revenue by helping the grid stay balanced.Shift or reduce your electricity consumption when demand is at risk of being higher than supply available on the Grid. Commit to making a set amount of capacity available during a stress event, we manage the response to the Grid and the payments to you. 

Firm Frequency Response (FFR)

FFR is a service to manage sudden surges of demand on a second by second response basis to ensure that system frequency stays within the tolerance levels of ±1% of 50Hz. Offer your frequency services 8-10 times a year and help the National Grid manage fluctuations in forecasted volumes or problems on the transmission or distribution network. You’ll receive payment in return for being available when the system sends a stress signal. 

Triad Management

Become a responder to get paid for changing use through DSR schemes.

Avoid high network charges during winter peak months (November to February). Our technology can enable your on-site assets to respond automatically to Triad alerts issued by our internal experts, saving you time and money and giving you peace of mind.

Backed By Trusted Technology

Smart Response

Our Smart Response technology communicates with onsite equipment to enable your assets to respond to DSR events automatically. You’ll have access to an online platform where you can see how your participating sites performed during an event.

Reactive Technologies – Tradenergy® DSR

We’re working with Reactive Technologies to offer a cloud based, advanced energy management solution that extracts flexibility from your electrical assets, such as chillers or HVACs, and optimises them across all available energy-saving opportunities.