Talk Power Conference 2014

Business in the new energy future

The new energy landscape is complex. It’s changing faster than ever as the urgency for new sources of energy rises. What’s not clear is how energy professionals and their stakeholders should respond to it. What are the secrets to winning in this new energy future?

Talk Power 2014 highlights

Last year’s conference took place on 17th June in Blackfriars and we heard from leading businesses on the strategies they are implementing to work future energy change to their advantage.

On the agenda - Business in the new energy future

Morning session

09:15: Chair’s introduction – Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Independent Chairperson

Session 1: The context of change: how energy companies and the regulator are addressing the UK's long term energy issues.

09:20: Vincent de Rivaz, CBE, Chief Executive, EDF Energy

09:50: Creating the market structure that delivers competition and fairness for business customers today and investment for tomorrow's energy – Dermot Nolan, CEO, OFGEM

10.10: Panel session Q&A: Questions from the floor and Chairperson

10:35: Morning Coffee

Session 2: Defining business strategy: How businesses are developing their strategies to win in the new energy future.

11.20: Leadership planning inside durable organisations and secrets to persuading board members – Mark Goyder, Founder Director, Tomorrow’s Company

11.40: Business planning as a strategy for dealing with complexity - Nicola Walker, Acting Director, Business Environment, CBI

12.00: Changing the company's energy strategy to meet the challenges of a more complex future – Bob Johnson, Premier Foods, Head of Category - Sustainability and Utilities

12.20: The energy company's role in supporting organisations in the new energy future – Beatrice Bigois, Managing Director, Customers, EDF Energy

12.30: Panel session Q&A: Questions from the floor and Chairperson

Afternoon session

Session 3a: Market Watch

14.00: The fundamentals behind the direction of electricity prices - Rob Rome, Head of Modelling & Analysis, EDF Energy

Session 3b: Energy generator breakout session

14.30: An interactive briefing, exploring the very latest on the Electricity Market Reform and how generators can thrive in the new energy future- John Cockin, Director of Business Services, EDF Energy

Session 3c: Managing energy in practice: The methods proving successful for businesses achieving their energy targets, and the challenges cracked along the way and those still to overcome.

14.30: Panel discussion: The steps businesses are taking to make the most of the new energy future - Mervyn Bowden, Managing Director, Intuitive Energy Solutions and former Head of Energy, M&S

- Paul Martin, Head of Engineering, United Biscuits - The practicalities of saving more energy, year after year and a strategy to hit future targets.

- Neil Liddell-Young, Renewable Energy Manager, Severn Trent Water - Growing a 200 GWh renewable energy portfolio inside a company whose core business is water.

- Oliver Hurrey, Managing Director, 2Degrees - Attitudes and actions amongst businesses driving competitive advantage from sustainability. 

- Delvin Lane, Head of Energy Services, EDF Energy - What approaches can enable companies to harvest yet more efficiencies from their energy. 

15.30: Conference summary and closing remarks – Beatrice Bigois, Managing Director, Customers, EDF Energy