Talk Power Conference 2015

The 18th Talk Power Conference took place on June17 - Congress Centre, in London.

At this year’s annual event, EDF Energy welcomed about 200 of our energy customers and partners. Our theme this year was ‘Connecting our energy future’, where one business trend cuts through today’s political and economic uncertainty - the move to a sustainable energy future. 

Hosted by news presenter, Natasha Kaplinsky and chaired by B2B Director, Sid Cox, we presented a fresh approach to sharing both our knowledge and that of some impressive guest speakers.  

Kicking off the day our Chief Executive, Vincent de Rivaz was interviewed by our host about the importance of low-carbon transition and the role energy companies like ours have to play. 

What was covered?

Talk Power Conference 2015 saw business leaders and energy specialists share invaluable insights with our guests: 

Mark Gregory, Chief Economist at EY– using the ITEM Club report, HM Treasury's model of the UK economy, Mark gave a breakdown of the four sources of economic growth and the factors behind them. 

James Johnston, Sector Director at Fujitsu UK & Ireland – explained why today’s business models are not fit for purpose for tomorrow’s marketplace. 

Mary Sotos, Project Manager at World Resources Institute – explained the importance of choosing and reporting low carbon energy consumption.

Graham Lindsay, Group Director, Responsible Business at Lloyds Banking Group – highlighted the value of purpose-driven business and how companies can engage their boards to make sustainability part of their long-term business strategy.

Alan Edwards, Senior Purchasing Manager at Jaguar Land Rover – spoke about how JLR has made a conscious choice to work in partnership with suppliers and detailed their improved energy performance delivered with the support of EDF Energy.

What our guests said about the day

One of our surveys saw 69% of delegates say that they attended the event to gen up on business and energy issues relevant to businesses.  

Over 76% claimed ‘opportunities exploration’ best described how their organisation is likely to respond to energy market reforms.

On the agenda - Talk Power Connecting our energy future

Morning session

09:15 - Registration and Coffee

Session 1: The UK context of change: As an international energy company, we recognise the risks of a constantly evolving market. An interview with our CEO will share how EDF Energy plays an important part in this evolution.  

10:00 - Chairman’s welcome and introduction of host for the day

10:10 - An interview with Vincent de Rivaz

Session 2: Microscopes and Telescopes: What are the current economic drivers and how do organisations plan for success in a climate of uncertainty?

11:15 -  Key note speaker - The economic context and its impact on the UK and world economies. What’s next for British businesses?

11:40 - Taking an agile approach to successful business. How to react in an ever-changing context.

12:00 - A sustainable energy future, right for business and right for the planet, needs collaboration and ambition.

12:25 - Panel Session. Q&A Discussion 

Afternoon session

Session 3: The UK Electricity Market: Factors effecting the costs of electricity

14:00 - Market Watch (wholesale and NEC)  - The fundamentals behind the direction of electricity costs

14:40 - Session 4a: Energy generator breakout session 

14:40 - Session 4b: TPI breakout session

Session 4c: Main plenary – Boardrooms and boiler rooms: Energy in practice, practical examples of Energy Management as part of business strategy

14:40 - Carbon Management – the changes in carbon reporting that are a boardroom challenge and how businesses can prepare 

15:05 - The value of a purpose-driven business - engaging your board to make sustainability part of the long term business strategy. 

15:25 - Improving energy performance at full throttle with the support of partners

15:45 - How linking knowledge and practice help businesses focus on the greatest sources of value and deliver their sustainable energy future

16:15 - Drinks reception in the foyer

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