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Welcome to a Blue future

Welcome to a Blue future

By John Cockin, Business Services Director | Posted March 18, 2015

Increasing your company’s top line or revenue is tough at any time. We’re helping businesses achieve this by offering a sustainable energy contract, at no additional cost on the bottom line –this could help businesses win more customers and tenders.

We launched our Blue for Business service for mid market businesses earlier this year and took the opportunity to showcase it to our Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) at the London Science Museum.

EDF Energy’s Phil Valarino put together a separate blog highlighting this. The launch was well received by those who attended on the night – more than half are promoting Blue for Business to their customers.

Changes across the industry

With more stringent carbon reporting measures on the horizon, Neil Drake has written at length about the World Resources Institute’s (WRI) outline for Scope 2 of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol; the gold standard for energy reporting and procurement.

It follows the latest report by Carbon Clear, which highlights that 8 out of 10 FTSE companies consider suppliers’ carbon emissions as part of their procurement process.

Low carbon reporting

As a result of choosing Blue for Business, companies can report zero carbon emissions from their electricity use at no extra cost. In short, better sustainability credentials could help grow your company’s top line, without shrinking your bottom line.

We’ve ensured that our energy reporting process is fully compliant with the World Resources Institute’s (WRI) Scope 2 of the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Protocol.

And the company has gone even further and asked PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to audit the controls over our low carbon matching process, so you don’t just have to take our word for it.

Specifically, PwC have been asked to audit the controls underlying this matching process. Confirming that the amount of electricity we obtain from nuclear generation is equal to, or more than, the estimated electricity consumption of all Blue customers; putting your mind at ease.

By reporting zero carbon emissions, Blue for Business assists in reporting and justifying your sustainability credentials, it also presents your company as an entity who cares about its carbon footprint. This will more than likely win you more tenders in the future.

Good news all round, but wait…

The story doesn’t end there

Blue could also help your business see more successful tenders from responsible reporting, as 56% of companies are being asked to present their sustainability credentials in their pitches*.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t take away from the fact that your company still needs to make its energy work harder.

Energy Performance Contracts (EnPCs) are just one way to help you achieve this. We will be highlighting the benefits of using an EnPC to help conserve and make your energy work better shortly.

Blue is just part of a comprehensive portfolio of energy services and I think it’s a step in the right direction to transparent and honest carbon reporting going forward.

To find out more about Blue for Business, please click here.

*  Source: A survey of people most responsible for managing energy contracts in 132 large businesses conducted by McCallum Layton on behalf of EDF Energy from 5/12/2013 to 29/01/2014.

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