Think Blue: A Night at the Museum

On Monday at the Science Museum, we took a giant leap forward on our mission to promote a low carbon future for businesses.

The event was the launch of our Blue for Business offer to energy consultants – an important group of people because they advise businesses about their electricity contracts and prices.

Blue is the business version of the low-carbon offer that’s proved popular with two million residential customers. Businesses can choose Blue with their fixed price contract and pay no more than they would for our standard electricity supply.

And now is a good time for businesses to choose an electricity supply backed by low-carbon generation. The World Resources Institute has just updated the Scope 2 guidance for the GHG Protocol – the gold standard for carbon emissions reporting. This clarifies how companies can credibly report emissions from low-carbon electricity purchases.

The event kicks off a campaign to bring the extra value of their electricity supply choice to the attention of mid-scale businesses. Although most don’t report their carbon emissions, their sustainability credentials can affect their ability to win business and grow their top line.

Take this finding from a recent report by Carbon Clear:

8 out of 10 FTSE 100 companies consider suppliers’ carbon emissions as part of their procurement process.

So what did our energy consultants make of it? The right idea at the right time judging by comments like these:

“We had a great evening. The presentation for Blue for Business was a clear and well delivered proposition; I am looking forward to sharing these insights with my clients.”

“Really impressed with the idea of Blue for Business and how it fits in with carbon-reporting for the future. In a world where managing carbon usage will one day be the norm, it is very important that my clients know about this and start preparing for a low carbon future.”

And judging by the conversations my sales team are having with customers this week, it seems they like the idea too.

See how it works here.

Posted by Philip Valarino, Senior Manager, Business Sales

Phil Valarino heads up EDF Energy’s Business Sales. The team undertakes an extensive range of contracting and account management activity across a broad spectrum of B2B customers, both in UK and Europe. He has over ten years of experience across the energy industry having held various positions across Sales & Marketing both in the UK and France.


Daniel Bassett
an excellent article from an excellent Energy Professional, I had the good pleasure of working with Phil and can say his experience, patience and professionalism are outstanding and he was a fantastic man to work for. All the best for the future Phil.
February 04, 2015 at 3:48pm
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