Talking Power in 2015: A Look ahead

It’s that time of year when we host the annual Talk Power Conference and look forward to welcoming our energy customers, prospects and partners.

Now in its 18th year, the conference brings together energy experts and industry leaders under one roof to look at the landscape we all operate in and how we connect to our low carbon energy future.

As the theme of this year’s Talk Power Programme is ‘connecting our energy future’, we will be addressing the challenges you face as an energy leader in your organisation to build a comprehensive energy plan that helps you maximise the advantages available and minimise the risks.

The Talk Power Conference 2015 presents a unique line-up of business leaders and energy practitioners who will share :

• the broader economic and carbon management context
• how they create long term plans that account for uncertainty and change 
• how they engage stakeholders across their business to successfully bring their plans to life
• how they collaborate with partners to crack their toughest challenges

We believe the low carbon energy future is something to be excited about. Approached in the right way, it brings a host of new opportunities for your business. And we think we can work together to help you take advantage of these.

What’s happening this year?
At this year’s conference, our host, news presenter Natasha Kaplinsky, will introduce these speakers:

• Mary Sotos, Project Manager, World Resources Institute
• James Johnston, Sector Director, Fujitsu UK & Ireland
• Mark Gregory, Chief Economist, EY
• Graham Lindsay, Group Director, Responsible Business, Lloyds Banking Group
• Alan Edwards, Senior Purchasing Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

All of whom will join the leaders of EDF Energy B2B in Q&A panels so you can get answers to your questions on the day.

We’ll also be hosting exclusive sessions for generators, consultants and supply customers, all followed by a chance to mingle and share our collective knowledge.

Posted by Sid Cox

Sid Cox is the Director of B2B at EDF Energy. With over 20 years' experience in the international energy industry, Sid brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.


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