Policy changes in the pipeline

I’ve always taken pride in keeping in touch with policy reform. Its key to our industry developments, and it’s often where our industry meets the real world, and it might even be fairly big news. But its hard work at the moment.

If, like me, you’re focused on the final form of the Government’s Electricity Market Reform, then you could be forgiven for having missed a few policy titbits that are already well within sight.

On 1 April, the new Transmission Price Control (RIIO-T1) commenced, changing the way Transmission Operators generate revenue. Its one of the regular questions my team are asked – how to predict Non-energy costs? If you’re interested in the details, get in touch to arrange a meeting, but the upshot is that Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charges –are likely to go up. How much by will vary depending on your sites are based.

Feed in Tariffs (FiTs) for onsite photovoltaic generation have been top of many people’s list of concern for many months now. The tariff for new PV installations registered later in the summer could be between 3.5 and 28 per cent lower than for those registered now – so if you have a PV scheme under way at any of your sites, I suggest you register it sooner rather than later to avoid invalidating your business case.

The carbon price floor was introduced on 1st April – and as we head into Q3 and Q4, the consultations, contracts and allocations for Electricity Market Reform will start coming thick and fast down the pipeline, ready for the package to receive Royal Assent by the end of the year.

So keep that eye on the horizon, but use the other one to watch what’s happening just in front of you.

And if you feel yourself starting to go cross-eyed, our experts are on hand. We know there’s a lot of information to digest, which is why we run regular group briefing sessions as well as one to one meetings to help you keep up to date on the latest industry developments. To see the level of detail and the type of topics we cover in our briefing sessions and meetings, take a look at one of our previous Talk Power Focus reports.

Or feel free to contact us today if you are interested in attending a Talk Power briefing session or arranging a meeting with one of our industry experts.

Posted by Adam Walker, National Sales Manager

Adam Walker is the Manager of National Accounts in B2B. He has several years experience in the energy industry, spanning a wide range of areas including Finance, Trading, Strategy modelling and analysis for Upstream assets and partnerships, and B2B Sales.