A full house at our Talk Power event in London

Sharing our expert’s insight on the energy market

Customers, TPI’s and prospects gathered yesterday at 15 Hatfields in London to hear our experts share their views on key developments in the industry.

Steady as she goes

Alastair Davies (Head of Strategic Analysis & Reporting) covered Business Watch, looking at the impacts of world events (Brexit, the US presidential election, European politics) on the wider market, looking at what did happen versus what was expected to happen. Good to hear some positive news on a steady economic performance from manufacturing and consumer spending in 2016/17, with the caveat that there's more significant changes to come in 2017- the actual untangling of our exit from the EU for example.

The road to minimising business energy costs

Martin Pearce (Energy Policy Advisor) shared the latest regulatory updates on the government’s Industrial Strategy roadmap towards minimising business energy costs in 2017 through energy efficiency measures, reducing low carbon costs and efficient regulation. There was lots of lively debate on this one, all around the short term challenges of implementing government measures for many businesses versus the long term goal of a smarter, more efficient, cleaner and cheaper energy system. Despite the challenges the overall result will be more transparency for consumers. We were able to reassure members of the audience that we will continue to seek clarity on low carbon reporting, on policy costs and on the balance between gas and electricity.

Where are NEC costs going?

Simon Vicary (Senior Manager of Charging Development) and James Chaplin (Market Analyst) covered our MarketWatch session, with an overview of NEC costs from a wholesale and industry perspective. James shared key market insight on Winter 16 vs Winter 17 forecasts whilst Simon shared the latest changes impacting NEC charging.
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Opportunities in the decentralised energy landscape

Last but not least, Vincent de Rul (Head of Business Development) covered opportunities for businesses  in the decentralised energy landscape, with a focus on cogeneration. He covered the question on many customer’s minds is ‘what can I do as a business to maximise on the opportunities that this new energy landscape presents?’. Cogeneration can provide this kind of opportunity and we as a supplier have the experience and technology to help with large scale strategic energy management system rollouts.

All in all, an info-packed day with more planned for the rest of the year.

If you missed the event don’t worry, you can join us at Talk Power Manchester on Tuesday 9th May. Talk to your account manager today if you’d like to come along.

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