Changes to the Excess Capacity charge – what you need to know

From the 1st April 2018 the excess capacity charge is increasing, currently this charge matches the capacity rate you pay so you could be incurring these charges without knowing it.

The charge is based on Agreed Supply Capacity (ASC), also known as Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) and will apply for any half hourly metered electricity supply that exceeds its contracted ASC.

Why this charge is increasing

Ofgem have approved this new measure (DCP 161) to make charges more cost reflective and recover the costs Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s) can face when customers exceed their ASC. The charge forms part of the Distribution Use of System (DUoS) fee paid on your bill.

Could you be impacted by this charge?

Check the ASC that you are currently contracted for, to understand if it is sufficient for your needs. You can check if you have exceeded your ASC by viewing the distribution charges section on your previous invoices, available in My Account.

How we can help:

  • Log in to My Account to view your previous invoices

  • View a list of Distribution Network Operator (DNO) contact details if you want to discuss your current ASC

  • Learn more about DUoS and other non-energy costs and stay up to date with Monitor, our quarterly report available to download from Market Insight


We’ve also created a handy factsheet explaining the changes to this charge.

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