Calling all energy buyers: make your broker’s day

Dear UK energy buyers,

In case you haven’t heard, on 25 June 2015, the UK’s best energy brokers and consultants will gather in London for The Energy Live Consultancy Awards (TELCA) 2015.

For the second year running, EDF Energy is sponsoring the Unsung Hero award. We’re doing it to recognise the energy consultants and brokers who go the extra mile to help you.

Building trust is its own reward

After all, what really builds your trust in the energy sector, is the people you rely on to get a good deal or solve a query. Especially how they demonstrate competency, reliability and honesty in all their dealings with you.

Nominate your hero

So if you’re an energy buyer and your energy consultant has done a great job for you, make their day. Nomination for this award is by customers like you.  Please take 2 minutes to say something nice here.

Who knows, your favourite energy consultant could be the 2015 Unsung Hero. And just think how much more they’ll want to help you when you tell them you put in a good word. ;)

Be quick though. Nominations close on 13 March 2015.

Thank you,

On behalf of everyone in EDF Energy’s B2B team

Posted by Philip Valarino, Senior Manager, Business Sales

Phil Valarino heads up EDF Energy’s Business Sales. The team undertakes an extensive range of contracting and account management activity across a broad spectrum of B2B customers, both in UK and Europe. He has over ten years of experience across the energy industry having held various positions across Sales & Marketing both in the UK and France.


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