How will you sell your energy?

If your project generates more than 250MWh a year, selling your energy is through an EDF Energy PPA is a great idea.

Just which PPA is right for your business depends on how long you have been generating electricity, how much you produce, and how consistently. 

1. How long have you been generating?

Until you’ve established a track record of generating electricity, your PPA options are fairly limited as there typically isn’t enough data to reliably forecast how much and how consistently you will generate electricity.

That’s why for many projects being commissioned or in their first year of operation, a PPA that provides an indexed price tracking the wholesale power price is a good option.

2. How much electricity are you generating?

The more you produce, the more PPA options are available to you.

If you generate more than 1,000MWh, our Choice PPA can give you a price that tracks the market, with the option to fix your price when you’d like to.

Otherwise, look at our Clarity PPA and get paid at a price that tracks the market, or our Certainty PPA for a fixed price.

3. How consistently do you generate electricity?

You’ll have more PPAs to choose from if your generation is consistent and controllable, and fewer options if your generation varies a lot or is outside of your control.

Generation technologies that enable consistent or controllable output include energy from waste, biomass, CHP, landfill gas, and sewage gas. Those that tend to generate variable output include wind, and solar, and emerging technologies such as tidal energy.

Our Clarity PPA with a market tracking price is great for any generation – variable or consistent.Our Certainty and Choice PPAs are better suited to those with a consistent or controllable output.

Ready to talk to us about a PPA?

Once you have a good idea of your project’s commissioning date, you’ll have enough information to discuss which Power Purchase Agreement would work best for you.

Contact us now on 020 3324 0010(1) or tell us a bit about your project and we will call you back within the next working day.

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