Important notice

If you qualify for the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme, please be aware you will need to request your report from MyAccount for Large Business before 31 March 2015 in order to receive your report by 12 May 2015.

Managing accounts for more than one company

Please hover over the numbers for guidance on how to use MyAccount for more than one company.

Viewing and downloading HH data

MyAccount will only show billed data, so please ensure you have selected the correct dates for your HH data. If you select a wide date range, My Account will take longer to retrieve the data for you. If you receive any error messages or delays longer than 30 minutes, please call us on 0845 7653 653(1).

Once downloaded your data will appear in a different format from Energy Zone. Energy Zone aggregated the kWh and displayed it in bulk and did the same with the kVArh underneath. However My Account will present the data line by line. Once downloaded you can opt to filter and re-sort the data to your own requirements.

Consumption returned is based on current readings received for accounts. If meter reads have been updated on accounts since issuing invoices then there will be a mismatch between HH data and paper invoices.

Understanding your bill

We believe it should be easy for you to receive and pay your bills. If you are having difficulty understanding any section of your bill our detailed guide can help make things clearer.

Contact us

We have a dedicated team for My Account available to assist you, so if you have some feedback for us on My Account or have a query, there are various ways to contact us.

Email: or by telephone on 0845 7653 653(1).