What is ESOS?

ESOS is the UK scheme to implement Article 8 of the European Energy Efficiency Directive.

It requires large organisations to carry out mandatory energy assessments every four years by a qualified assessor, to identify cost effective energy efficiency recommendations. 

We can help you to comply with your ESOS obligations by:

  • providing you with electricity consumption data for your sites.
  • helping analyse your data to find areas of significant energy consumption and define your ESOS scope.
  • completing your ESOS assessment using the British Standard EN16247 (through our Lead Assessor)
  • providing you with  recommendations on cost effective energy conservation measures

With our wealth of energy experience, you can trust us to manage the process for you, enabling you to get on with your day job.

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What you need to do

Assess if you qualify as a participant to ESOS

If you qualify, you need to appoint a Lead Assessor to conduct, oversee and review your ESOS assessment

Your first assessment must be done and you must notify the Environment Agency of your compliance, by 5 December 2015.


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Tuesday November 25

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