Accurately monitor consumption

Understand how and where energy is being used in relation to the weather, business operations, production figures or other comparable measures.

Target inefficiencies

Identify areas of avoidable waste or other opportunities to reduce consumption habits.

Then take control

Change behaviours and start making energy and cost savings.

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Three simple ways to learn about Energy View reporting and monitoring services for your EDF Energy account

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Energy View

An introductory energy management package providing online visibility of data, grouping of sites for portfolio reporting and comparison of energy against historical data.

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Energy View Plus

Building on the features of the Energy View package with the ability to set tolerance levels against consumption, make comparisons between sites using league tables and report on CO2 emissions in line with the Carbon Reduction Commitment.

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Energy View Advanced

Our most sophisticated Energy View package enables the comparison of consumption against temperature, financial reporting and to set half hourly interval target curves and alerts.

Learn about Energy View reporting and monitoring services for your EDF Energy account.

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