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Select Renewable

If you want your electricity supply sourced from a particular renewable technology or from a geographic region, our Select Renewable option could be right for your business and your journey towards net zero.

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What is Select Renewable?

If your business wants to take the next step towards a CPPA and progress their journey towards net zero then this could be the option for you.

This option enables us to match your business with your choice of energy source, a preferred location, or a specific named site within the UK.

Business benefits of choosing Select Renewable

  • Businesses can choose which renewable generation and UK location they would prefer their energy to come from
  • Offers businesses a more traceable and authentic energy supply option 
  • Select Renewable enables complete transparency for businesses, enabling them to demonstrate their sustainability commitments to stakeholders and customers through 100% renewable energy

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How EDF can help you and your business' journey to net zero

  • We are one of the leading suppliers for businesses in renewable energy helping to achieve Britain’s net zero targets
  • We offtake the most renewable electricity of any offtaker in Great Britain, through both equity-owned generation and capacity under PPA contracts. (Cornwall Insight 2022)
  • EDF Group has a range of owned assets and also work with independent generators, therefore we can provide a wide range of renewable sources (solar, wind, hydro, energy from waste)
  • We are experts in renewable energy and have vast experience to advise on your net zero journey.
Renewable energy

Matching Edrington to Community Windpower with Select Renewable

Read our case studies below

Matching Scotch Whisky distilleries to a local renewable energy source

More and more businesses are putting sustainability at the heart of their decisions. As energy powers every business, many are looking to supply their operations with renewable energy, and they want to know exactly where this energy is coming from. See how EDF matched scotch whiskey company Edrington to Community Windpower.

Edrington's road to Net Zero (From the cutting room floor)

Thanks to this innovative energy supply option called Select Renewable EDF have been able to match the electricity output of CWP’s Wardlaw Wood Windfarm with the electricity demands of Edrington for the next four years.

Watch the video interview and read the Q&A between EDF and Community Windpower.