How to be certain of hitting your energy efficiency targets

If your organisation spends more than £1m a year on energy, then you should consider a Performance Contract to be certain of meeting your energy efficiency targets.

A Performance Contract exists to deliver large scale, long term energy-efficiency gains to your organisation. And that’s an outcome that can support your reputation with energy conscious customers, employees, shareholders and regulators - as well as reduce your energy costs and exposure to future energy price rises. 

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Guaranteed energy and carbon savings

Many organisations have trouble getting large-scale energy efficiency projects off the ground.

It’s not always easy to predict how much energy each measure will save, so it can be hard to tell how long a project will take to pay for itself. They often cost a lot up front, as well. Most successful companies aren’t in the business of making big investments without a clear idea of when they’ll see a return.

A Performance Contract with EDF Energy takes the risk and uncertainty out of energy efficiency projects.

  • We find the up-front investment needed to launch your project – so you can pay for it out of the savings it delivers, instead of having to find a lump sum.
  • You can tailor the contract to fit your organisation’s investment criteria, sustainability strategy and any other internal guidelines.
  • Our specialists design and oversee the project with you. This includes managing contractors, suppliers and other parties, and choosing the best mix of technologies for your sites.
  • We guarantee our solutions will deliver the level of savings projected in our investment grade proposals, or compensate you for the difference.
  • Because we’re taking on the performance risk, you can be confident that we’ll do everything in our power to deliver solutions that work.



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