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Fixed + Protect

Fix your unit price, with a generous tolerance on how much your electricity use can vary from our forecasts, for the duration of your contract. We protect you from big rises in the cost of new generation incentives. You enjoy a lower unit price with than our Fixed + Peace of Mind contract.

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Electricity costs

Fixed for the duration of your contract, with a 20% limit on how much your actual energy use can vary from your forecast.

We will purchase your wholesale energy when you sign your contract. So if the wholesale energy market rises, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that these costs won’t change. If you use 20% more or 20% less energy than you thought you would, we may add a surcharge.

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Delivery costs

Fixed for the duration of your contract.

We stand by the assumptions we make about the cost of delivering electricity through the network when we calculate your unit price. If we get our assumptions wrong, we’ll swallow the cost.

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Cost of new generation incentives

Protected for the duration of your contract against rises up to 40%.

Our forecasts of the Renewable Obligations (RO), Feed-In Tariffs (FITs), Contract for Difference (CfD) and Capacity Market (CM) costs take into account the new Energy Intensive Industries (EII) Exemption. These costs are fixed for the duration of your contract unless they rise more than 40% above our forecast. In that case we reserve the right to recover the difference. But for taking some risk, your unit price is lower than with Peace of Mind.

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Cost of our service

Fixed for the duration of your contract.

We keep our costs to serve you as low as we can and we guarantee that they won’t rise during your contract.

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Meter type

Non Half Hourly & Half Hourly.

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Contract duration

Up to 36 months.

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Consumption volume

0-50 GWh.

Which broadly equates to a spend of up to £5 million per year.

Blue for Business

Your electricity source

Choose our standard supply or Blue for Business with this contract. With Blue, you receive electricity backed by low-carbon generation for exactly the same price as our standard supply.