Show your business has made a responsible low-carbon choice for its electricity supply.

Thank you for choosing Blue for Business from EDF Energy, guaranteeing your electricity supply is backed by low-carbon generation(1), at the same price as our standard electricity.

You’ve made an environmentally informed choice for your electricity supply and we’d like to help you make the most of it.

Be Blue - a guide

We’ve prepared some guidance to help you present your business’ electricity choice in the right way to whoever is interested – customers, employees or investors.

It reflects the latest in global best practice for reporting carbon emissions from electricity purchases – the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (The GHG Protocol). This requires you to disclose the emissions associated with your energy contract alongside more general information about the emissions related to your location.

Impress your customers and employees 

8 out 10 FTSE100 companies say they consider suppliers’ carbon emissions in their procurement process(2). And research shows more than half of UK consumers say they are more likely to be loyal to companies that take steps to reduce their carbon emissions (3).

Sustainability can also help your employees feel better about where they work and make a larger contribution. So show them that you’ve made an environmentally informed choice for your electricity supply.

To help with this, we’re providing you with access to a Blue for Business label that you can display in public places such as retail and reception areas and on your website. It shows you’ve chosen an electricity supply backed by low-carbon, nuclear generation.

Download your Blue for Business label artwork assets

  • Images of our Blue label for use in presentations and websites
  • A printable version of our Blue label – set up for Avery labels (medium 40mm E3613 and large 60mm L7104REV-20)
  • A printable certificate style statement that provides some context around your choice of electricity supply 
  • Mechanical guidelines

Use your Blue statement

Our business is powered by electricity backed by low-carbon generation

We’re proud to have made a low-carbon choice for our electricity supply. One way we’re managing carbon emissions associated with our operations, is choosing an electricity supplier who works to lower the emissions associated with the power they supply to us. It helps us be a more sustainable business. .

Every unit of electricity we need to run our business is now matched by one that’s guaranteed to come from a low carbon source of electricity generation: nuclear power.

As a result, we can report significantly reduced carbon emissions from the electricity we use for our market based figure. This improves our own environmental credentials and our clients.

EDF Energy’s Blue electricity supply mix is independently assured by PwC, whose report can be found at All source certification meets GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance criteria.