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AAHEDC Removal

See our FAQs below about the AAHEDC Removal. 


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The AAHEDC is an embedded benefit in your power purchase agreement with EDF Energy. Previously, the value of the AAHEDC was included in the price you receive for your power.  The AAHEDC scheme was implemented to reduce distribution costs for consumers in Northern Scotland and Shetland. 

The AAHEDC has been removed as an embedded benefit by the government as an amendment to the Energy Act on 07 March 2023.  

Your rates will be altered as of 01 April 2023 by removing the value of the AAHEDC published here.  Details of your new rates can be found in table at the bottom of the email correspondence. For more information, please refer to section 7.2 of the Explanatory Memorandum to the Energy Act 2004. The AAHEDC was removed from the embedded benefits on the 01 April 2023. 

The PPA price agreed is made up of the power price quoted on the day and relevant Embedded benefits. Any applicable Embedded benefits are either included within the kWh paid or passed through at 100%. On the PPA price schedule page, any relevant pass-through embedded benefits are listed. All other Embedded benefits not listed are included within the Unit rate EDF settle with you.

Further details can be found here. For more information about variations in your embedded benefits, email us